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Peace Jeff

Benefit for the family of Jeff Mossey...

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Jeff an Stink at da Old Miami Jeff an Psycho King of the RowdDusty, Jeff and Mama "T" in da basement Family


...Just to clear the air of what anyone may think or may of heard.  Jeff Mossey was murdered in Detroit, a victim of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Yes, Jeff had drug problems.  As a foremost authority, we know he was trying to overcome it.  Jeff became a victim of fowl play.

Mama "T" and Baby JeffMama "T" and Jeff Havin' funMother and SonChristmas

Our purpose for his memorial show is for his headstone and final expenses.  Any moneys remaining will be donated to charity. 

Jeff and His Brother "Donut"This is the love that was and still is.........Jeff an... Ain't that a Bomb PopJeff enjoying a show

Jeff loved good times and hated seeing anyone argue.  He loved the Punk Rawk.  We, the bands, want to pay a tribute to a great guy that always had a smile for everyone.  Jeff will always hold a place in our hearts and will always be remembered as a loving son, a brother and a Friend...

Dusty, Mama "T" & the bands

The hole gang at SpazfestJeff and Kelly at Spazfestin da stoner woods......Jeff and KellyJeff with Sara

Read Words of Remembrance From Friends of Jeff...

[Keli Thomason]  [Tim Hervey]  [Dennis A. Herzog Jr] [Brandy]

If anybody has anything they'd like to have posted, words, pictures, or whatever, we'll try to accommodate it.  Send us an e-mail to theballistics13@hotmail .com.  Or drop it off at Dusty's place or mine, or at Psycho's place when we're practicing.  Ya'll bug us all da time when we're doin' dat anyway,  Why not do it fer a good cause?


Jesse Armstrong

Jesse and Sarah asked me to do something here with their letters for Jeff but I forgot what it was.  Sorry dudes!!  I'll do my best to remember.....


I  think it had something to do with how small these letters looked.  You know that if you click on these you can get a full size letter that is easier to read.

@ the New Way Bar

23130 Woodward Ave.
Ferndale, MI


Everything seems to be coming together for the show.  There ain't no real news to post.  If your coming out to check out any of the bands, we are politely asking you to try and stick around for the hole show.  If you show up 5 minutes before the band you want to see and leave at the fading of the last note in their set, we always see that as disrespectful.  We would all hang out to see your band and all your friends bands, if you're in a band or if you know somebody in a band.  We're not going to ramble on and on about good causes.  It's all about havin' a good time and the brotherhood of music.  We know it's a long time to stick around, but every band here is going to give it their all to provide some great entertainment.  We all knew Jeff or know somebody like Jeff, so when you're here at the show, remember, it's all about the fun of getting together with fiends, doing some drinkin' and whatever else your into and makin' it home to do it again for the next gig.  Be Kewl!  We don't want to have to do a show that has your name in it.

Peace Everybody!

March 29th, 2003
Opening prayer service by Pastor Aaron Lawless @ 3 pm

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the Ghouls

Bomb Pops 8:00
Prop Down 9:00
Ricky Ratt from the Trash Brats 10:00
the Ballistics 11:00
Manics Rage 12:00


Words of remembrance from his friends...

Keli Thomason

Inside, I can't help but smile as I relish in the memory of Jeff.  He was a dear freind.  I remember when I first met him, in high school, he was sporting a megadeth T-shirt, and long jet-black hair.  Jeff had amazing character.  He was full of charisma...and no matter how Jeff was feeling, he always took it upon himself to make sure everyone around him was laughing.  He was funny, and a real joker.  He was always great fun to be around, it was always an adventure with him, and he was a genuine listener. Jeff would talk to people he'd never met like he'd known them a lifetime.  Jeff was constantly fighting a battle inside himself.  I cannot blame him for losing, because, every time I saw him, he was fighting as hard as he possibly could.  He was always optomistic when he came around, and he was always talking about the future, and his goals, his family, and how much he loved them all.  He wanted to make it, he honestly did.  We all know that.  Jeff will be missed by myself, and all of us, but I am sure Jeff is smiling down from wherever he is at the way all of his freinds have pulled together, and put the past aside for his sake.  That is the best thing we all could have done, because ya know that is exactly the way he wants it.  To see us all, freinds since high school, partying and laughing together, listening to gool ol' punk rock.
Love ya, Jeff.   Keli Thomason



Tim Hervey

Ok here it words:

Jeff was my little brother. He was a great kid that got caught up with something horrible. I am going to remember him has the Jeff I hung out with, drank beer with, listened to punk rock with. The Jeff I took to Rancid and Dally in the Ally. The Jeff I spent hours with bullshitting with and going to Record Time and Hot Hits on Gratiot and checking out girls. The Jeff, That would show me the new riffs he came up with on guitar. The Jeff, That I called "PoleSmoker" and the Jeff that called me "PoleSmoker. ha" The Jeff, that got in a argument with Dusty about the drumming in Twisted Sister at the kitchen table and Dusty said "I ain't going to argue with you about AJ Pero" Classic...The Jeff, that we would give so much shit about the Micheal Jordon jersey..
RIP Little brother...tim



Dennis A. Herzog Jr

Jeff; There is way too many things to say for me about him. We had some of the finest times I will ever remember in my whole life. It started just being little hooligans, you know, pissin' people off just to be punx. But, after a summer of hangin', just months, to me we were brothers. Heck, we even dropped out of school together! From there, we also began our adult lives without a care of failure.
Though Jeff and I we're inseparable for a summer of our lives, we both did have our different interests. After being such good friends with him for a year or so, I noticed desires in Jeff for an honorable greatness in life. To be someone, and have a quality everyone would remember! He did, he was the most likable person I ever knew.  Whether it was Jammin' some music, his one true love in life (introduced to him at a very young age I might add, with a broad liking of many styles of music as well) Or, PaRtYiN', you know, just havin' a good time with everyone!!! Hangin', havin' a few drinks, bullshitin' about life, and just generally being a cool and fun person to be around.
Everyone that knew Jeff, to my knowledge, loved his spirit. Jeff was an uncontainable soul, without a doubt, one of the most free people I will have ever known in my life.
I will not discuss much of the demon's that haunted Jeff, because they haunt us all, and I pray, that these things do not haunt him anymore. Meaning, we all know that certain things we enjoy, are also things of harm to us. Part of true freedom in life, is feeling free, and that feeling comes from something different for everybody. We only hope, as human beings, that the intellect of knowing our boundaries and following our intuition, is what saves us from failure and peril. Jeff knew that if he could not win his battles with his demon's, he could and would find solace and peace of mind with God.
Jeff's spirit in life and death has taught me the greatest thing in life, a thing in which my own parents and family never did (no offense to them). He taught me to accept and know that there is a holy ghost, there is a divinity, there is a God. God I now know is also different to us all. I don't expect everyone to understand, for I believe we all except God in our own and different ways. And we find devinitive guidance, at different times in our lives.
  Jeff found God when his most dear thing was taken from him, his freedom. And now I find God knowing that God cares for my brother and friend, Jeffery M. Mossey. Thank you Jeff, and rest in PeAcE.

Dennis A. Herzog Jr



Jeffrey Michael Mossey A.K.A. PoopHead

    I did not know Jeff for as long as some other people had, but I can say that knowing Jeff for the last four years has been a very fortunate expiernce. The thing that I found so fascinating about Jeff the first time I met him was those big blue eyes. At first I thought that Jeff was one of the oddest guys I had hung out with, but that is only because he had to F#@! with me all the time -- from the beginning! If it wasn't one thing it was another.  After about a year or two, I could be standing in front of the mirror, putting my make -- up on, he would come and stand next to me and start pretending he was putting on make -- up too, and tell me that "he just had to look better than me if we were going out" -- he was such a dork!  He was hilarious -- no matter what he did!!! I can think of plenty of fun, great and memorable times. I think that is what gets me, personally, through the hard days where all you can do is just wonder...

    I loved and love Jeff very much. He was a great friend to have and I am sorry if I took that for granite at one point in time, but I am doing everything that I can to get his story recognized because he wasn't just another -- he was Jeff and he would do the same if he knew a situation was not right. I cannot wait till his Memorial Show because, call me crazy, I know he will be there and that is a comfortable feeling.  Jeff  was born into this world as a teacher and never knew it, he had a spirit like no other, and that same spirit will have him around for a very long time. Jeff, thank you for everything, but you are the poophead!!!! You are dearly missed Tootz! 

Love and Peace Always,