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The Ballistics 13...the Nastiest Punk Rock in Detroit!!! The Ballistics 13 are a Detroit based punk band that get into just havin' a good time on stage. Loud, aggressive and dirty, the Ballistics are doing it their way. Nothing is sacred in the pursuit of having a good time and making people laugh. Formed in early 2000, the Ballistics13 offer a unique blend of "Old School" meets "New School" punk rock with a whiff of white trash, Detroit style.  In 4+ years of playing shows all throughout the Detroit area, Canada, New York, and some pointes in between, the Ballistics 13 have managed to piss off at least 50% of their listening audience, and leave the other 50 % with a funny taste in there mouths, while strangely enjoying it.  But its all for the sake of a good laugh.  Loud screeching volume, dynamics, good stage presence and their grade school humor make the Ballistics 13 a band not suitable for every  venue, but great fun for wherever they do play.

Psycho, Dusty, Stink & "Q"

Dis here is a list of all da songs we think we know how to play.  Some of dese songs are on our CD's an' some ain't.  Most of dese tunes are ones we wrote and some ain't.  But even den we think we do dem better.

Basement Band
American Way
Loser - New One
Sexx Bomb
Butt Plugg
Never Get Up - No Show
Moped Man
(Del Shannon)
About Me
About You
Things I Like To Do
Black Molly
Get Away
The - EX
Saturday Night
New S.U.V.
How Many Preachers
Wild One
(Jerry Lee Lewis)
Bier Drinkers
Think We're Alone Now
Just Like Heaven
(the Cure)
Rockin' in the Free World
(Neil Young)
The Kids are Alright (the Who)
Get a Real Job
Paint It Black
Last Caress
No Vacancy
You didn't have to be
so nice.
(Loving Spoonfull) Gotta' Pee! (NoFX)
(An What Could Be Next?)


Other Music