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And now there is
Scary Dudes    Our  second studio release is finally done!!!  It's still not on any label but it's official!!!!
Song list

I.  American way  II.  Fuck 'em  III. New S.U.V.  IV.  Get Away  V. Never Get Up  VI.  No Show  VII.  How Many Preachers  VIII.  No Vacancy  IX.  Get A Real Job  X. United  XI. Saturday Night  XII. The Ex  XIII. Unfair

Tastes Like Elbow

Not an official release.

Recorded live at the Old Miami on the 29 of July 2000.

Songs list

American Way, Rubber, Never get up / No show, About Me / About You, Butt Plugg, D.U.I., Moped Man, Loser / New one, Just like Heaven, Sex Bomb, Think Were Alone Now, Basement Band, American Way (slight return)

50% of Nothing

Still Not an official release.

A much reduced version of Tastes Like Elbow that we did to keep the laser on my cd burner from dieing.

Song list

About me / Things I like to do, D.U.I., Rubber, American Way


Butt Plugg... MP3, Think Were Alone Now...MP3 and .AVI video

2001: A Punk Odyssey

Our First Official Studio Release

(though not on any label)

Song list

About Me, Rubber, Moped Man, D.U.I., Things I like to do, Sex Bomb, Coincidence, About You, 1:13, 010101

Digital Doo Doo


Yet another unofficial release.  (you'd think we weren't an official band)

Song List

We can't tell you. 



Other Music