This is the Ballistics 13 "credits page".

Hopefully you didn't stop here by mistake.  This is our real boring page

with contact info, credits and whatnot.


If you need to get a hold of us call:  (810)335-0676

                                 or (snail) mail to:  8604 Continental

                                                                  Warren, MI 48089

  This site was designed by Jason A. Quayle.  Some of it was borrowed.  We'll give it back when were done with it.  If you have a problem with anything here E-mail me at and I'll try my best to accommodate your request.  If you want to steal anything off of this page, have at it.  Your more desperate than I was.  I wrote this page with the assistance of "Front Page" by Microsoft and "Instant HTML a Programmer's Reference, HTML 4.0 Edition" by Alex Homer, Chris Ullman and Steve Wright.

  Photo credits:

    Heather Quayle:  background images, and various stage pictures throughout.

    Phil Randall:  CBGB's Pictures.

    Theressa Dustman:  Various stage shots

    The Lawbreakers:  Drawings and collages

  And alot of other people.  If I don't have you mentioned here I'm sorry, I just can't remember who you are or what you did.


  Below is some other stuff that I have to put here.  If I didn't I'd feel a bit guilty.  Ads and stuff like that.  I'm putting it all down here 'cause I just don't want it to clutter up the rest of our pages.  Sometimes I just don't believe in advertising.

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