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Dusty,Dusty, the singing bass playerTrippin' at da Longhorn.....'specialy after the floor wuz tippin on end....."D" burnin' up da stage at Brandy's!!!

    Influenced by the 70,s Punk If I stand here none of the bullets will hit me

Movement in New York City (i.e. the Pluggen away at CB's

Ramones, New York Dolls, Misfits) and

Sex Pistols from across the Pond. I play better when I snarl

    Snotty bass lines + assorted screams,

laughs + smart assed bad attitude


nothing is sacred to achieve the da real old dayz

goal of making a permanentThat's one bad ass Dust-Buster....

little scar on the faceDusty beatin' his wood at the New Way......

 of theRefin' at paychecks.....

 Detroit Music scene.Hhhmmmmm?

Is dat Stink down der drinkin' bier off da floor again?Yah it was!!  Snicker, snicker, giggle!!!!!I fell of da stage and I can't git up!!!!!!


My very own chorus lineMy very own chorus lineMy very own chorus lineMy very own chorus line


Da man wit all da wood in his hands!!!
You are Dusty, the man with all the wood in his

Which Ballistic are you?
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Dusty's Favorite Songs

Motley Crue:  Bastard

Elvis Presley:  Burnin Love

Misfits:  Angel Fuck, Skulls

Slim Whitman:  I Remember You

Kiss:  Strutter 78'

Ramones:  Bonzo Goes to Bitburg

Sex Pistols:  Holiday in the Sun

Jayne County:  Cream in My Jeans

Iggy Pop:  Candy

Jerry Lee Lewis:  Great Balls of Fire

Little Richard:  Good Golly Miss Molly

Sal Modo:  Inter-national-lesbian-Mexican-Vampire

WASP:  Rock -n- Roll Me to Death


'Dese butiful insterments below is belongin' to Dusty 13.

Fer does of you who been hopin' fer it, ya'll can finally see his

wood here up close and personnel.  Enjoy!

Jessica Rabbit Bass......Black Beauty layin' wit Jessica Rabbit.....Black Beauty....

Looky....dey's standin' up!!!