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February 21st, 2003

Well the last show of the year has come and gone.  Longhorn,....  We came, we dove in with our eyes open and we kicked deys asses.  It was a great show ta end out the year.  None of the other bands were we really familiar with.  And we were busy hangin' out in the "Smoking Lounge" section of the club way in the back out of earshot and smelling radius of the stage.  So I really can't tell you to much about the other bands.  We made it an early night and hit the fridge at "D's" place.   Longhorn has 75 cent canned bier but it can't beat the price commin' out of the fridge.  Sorry other nameless bands.  We just weren't in the mood so you don't get no write up.  Like you f'n care.

Ok.  We ain't got no shows for January.  Yes that's right, no NYE show.  Just nothin was appealing enough, and brought up to our attention soon enough.  We got allot of stuff dat we's wanna do in the studio, so that's where we'll be most of next month.  We have a few things that we want to put together possibly in February.  But allot of that stuff is still up in the air.  We'll post it when we know fer sure what's goin' on.

Until then, Peace all.  And have a Merry Christmas.  Remember the reason why we celebrate it.

Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!  Done!

Guess what's done!!!

Our CD is, of course.  Scary Dudes is in the bag.  Actually, it's in a box, but it's DONE!  13 Rocken, Punk dities, from the Nastiest Punk Band in Detroit.  If you want a copy of dis Rockin' documentary of destruction send us an e-mail or come on out to one of our show.  We'll sport'ch'ya one for the dandy price of 5 dollas.  See below for some of the ordering detail's.  I don't feel like typein' it again.

  NOTE:  Copies of Digital Doo-Doo are running out!

 Well, our bootleg is still out.  Digital Doo-Doo. (a.k.a. The 3D album).  We're going to be charging about $5 per copy (depending on the price of the beer).  Or if you bug us enough it'll be free.  If there's anybody out there that wants a copy contact us on our booking line (810)335-0676 or e-mail us at   We'll see what we can do to get you a copy or a whole bunch if you want.  Keep in mind this is a live cd.  Its from one of our shows last spring that we did down at Scalici's in Allen Park.  Its got about 45 minutes of tunes on it.  That works out to about 18 songs, or there abouts. 


Old News

November 25th, 2003 (as remembered on the 28th)

  What a great show.  We were a little worried about the expanded lineup at first (Ghouls and Prop Down) getting added after we had already booked the show but we were starting ta look forward to it.  It's been a while since we had jammed with Prop Down and almost a whole month since we jammed with the Ghouls.  We were starting to go the withdrawals.  If'n ya get down to it, you can fit allot of music in 6 hours.  5 band does seem ta fit.  We were hoping on a bigger draw but hey, we's a bunch of ugly punk f'ers.  Prop Down did wind up having to cancel 'cause their drummer blew up, AGAIN, but Mike and Paul still made it by.  Everybody still had a good time.  The night started out a bit latter that originally planned but when it did get started it kept goin' pretty good.  The Lawbreakers sounded pretty good post Mike.  And yes Chockin' Susan just ain't a hot blond on vocals.  She can sing too.  I'll speak for Joe, their bass player, and say thanks to Dusty for the loaner on the bass.  Joe had some technical difficulties and his bass bit the dust.  We had a pretty good show.  We're startin' ta see the advantages to practicing a bit more.  Not any major screw ups or nuthin'.  But the Ghouls bit the big one.  The drummer lost a bass drum and a snare.  Only 4 or 5 songs in they wound up throwing in the towel.  I know the bar would have liked ta get some music going until around 2 but what kin ya do?  Well thanks to all that showed up.  Hope ta see ya'll at a gig real soon.

  Next show will be at the Longhorn in Toledo.  It's been a few months.  We've always had a good time there.  If anybody is able ta make it that would be real kewl but if'n ya can't, screw you.  You can't ever come out to any of our other shows either.

  Jus' jokin'....shesh!  Don't get all hyper!


October 19th 2003 (as remembered on the 22nd)

  Fun, Fun, Fun!!!  We all had a great time last Saturday.  Thanks go out to Bill, Lawbreakers, Smashbandits, Deadfreats (none web site don't call back loosers), and the Ghouls for stoppin' by and jammin' in the garage at this latest edition of Dusty Fest.  Everybody was sayin' that it was the best collection of Halloween costumes that they have ever seen.  Dusty had his whole house decked out for the bash like none of us had ever seen it in the past.  I could go on and on but it might start to sound a bit repetitive 'cause this dumb ass punk jus' don't know how to express himself.  Hopefully next year we'll be able to pull it off again.  Dusty Fests are gettin' ta be quite the Warren legend.  Well at least on the corner of Macarthur and Continental.

  Ok,  Next show is gonna be a ways out.  We'll be jammin' wit Chokin' Susan and the Lawbreakers at  Jimmy's on the 26th of November.  Our show on Halloween got canceled due to some unforeseen trouble outside of the band.  If anything comes up we'll post it here.  'Till then.....


4th of October, 2003

  As remembered on the 7th.  WHAT  A GREAT SHOW!!  The Elbow Room show we played last Friday was probably the best show that we ever had a chance to play at.  From the opening note of EVOLOTTO to the closing crescendo of Glass Pack the absolutely f'n rocked!!  I'm not one fer lots of words, especially ones that make allot of sense but I'm gonna try now.  Evolotto, techno metal from Toledo.  Whatever, they rock all the same.  Negative Conductor.  Rick you guys have always rocked!  And thanks fer the kind words after the show.  I hope ya'll get a site and start posting your shows, 'cause I've gotta see ya again.  PB Army.  Thanks Keith for makin' us think with your lyrics.  Ya'll's another band that I've got ta follow better.  Also the CD is superb!  One of the all time best for me.  And the Glasspack.  Kentucky mad men with FULL stacks!  An' the singer/guitar player looks like a Van Zant brother.  Too kewl.  I loved the set and the CD is great also.  I need ta get the other CD that ya'll had fer sale.  I just didn't have the money that night.  Good luck on the road. 

Thank you all for the great show.  It'll be a long time before we can get as lucky as we were last Friday and jam with this many kewl bands.

Next show is gonna be Dusty Fest.  Check out our "Details" page fer guess what, all the details.  Allot of friends will be stoppin' by and by no means are we calling it a closed party.  The keg is bein' cracked at about 6:00 and party runs till whenever.  If'n ya wanna be there e-mail us or call "D".  All are welcome, even if your and ass hole.


22nd of September, 2003

  Hey all!!  The Deadfrets, or Liquid Chicken, or whatever they want ta call themselves, rocked like mad men this last Saturday.  They were so good, they had strange women gettin' up on the stage and gettin' necked.  That's a rock show.  This is the first time that the Chickens (Deadfrets) have really upstaged us.  Our show was only mediocre.  We just got a little to drunk.  Nobody was there ta see us anyway.  And I don't think that we made any new fans in the house.  But besides that it was fun supporting the Deadfrets in their CD release party.  They're the only band that we know of that has been together and playin' out for 10 years and they are only now just commin' out with their first CD.  The Ghouls did a great job at warmin' up the place and and left us a healthy act ta follow.  We followed alright and fell flat on our asses!!  We were definitely the sour spot in the middle of the night.  Well there'll be more shows. 

  I'm not sure what our next show is or where.  I think it's at the Elbow Room in Yipsi-friggen-tuckey.  Hopefully we can make a better showing out there.


August 19th 2003

I realized just now that if I don't sit down right away and write some crap about our shows, I won't remember how things went.  This is the case right now.  I remember that the power went out fer a a day or so last week.  We all had fun.  I guess it's Gods way of sayin' "It's time ta take a break everybody.   Let's go camping!"  Everybody (or most people) got an extra day off, drank bier and BBQ'd.  Camping.  With 25 million of you best friends.  So this is how our Jimmy's show went.  The Deadfrets rocked and so did we.  I guess nobody show'd up 'cause they wuz to busy recovering from their camping trip.  Oh well.  We had fun.  Sunday I had a hang over so at the very least I know I had a good time.

  Our next actual show isn't going ta be until next month on the 20th.  It's gonna be at the Deadfrets CD release party at Brandy's in St. Claire Shores.  We's also gonna be jammin' wit the Ghouls.  It's been a while since we did anythin' wit dem guys.  We's really kinda lookin' ferward ta it!!  So unless the power goes out again or we sing our first record deal ya'll may not be readin' anythin' new from me/us fer a while.  I may just sign on jus' ta say "blow me" or somtin' like dat whenever.  C'ya.

August 1st, 2003 (as remembered on the 5th)

  This lateness with our take on the shows hopefully don't lame-iffy our hole purpose here.  The Hayloft is a pretty kewl place!!  We love the sound.  And there's allot of pretty people that hang out up there.  After you've gone down to Jumbo's or the Ol' Miami and hung out with a bunch of crusty, toothless people the Hayloft just seems frequented by a bunch of Mr. and Miss Universe contestants.  We got the call to show up a little early because they booked another band in to make it 5 bands and also they asked if we would cut our set time.  Ok....  Whatever.  It's not our show down there.  We're just unpaid entertainment.  We were goin' on first anyway so 15 minutes either way don't matter.  And wouldn't ya know...  At 9:15 when we took the stage the place wuz empty.  We only had enough time to slam 2 or 3 biers so we wuz still sober.  Then we did a fast a furious 30 minute set that wuz just about flawless, in front of an empty room.  The story of our lives.  Oh well.  Jesse and Sara from the Lawbreakers show'd up and Tony and Daniel Chicken (Deadfrets) wuz also there.  Both of them late but hey, they moved our set time up and we's just glad somebody wuz thinkin' of us.

  Well our next show is goin' to be at Jimmy's in Detroit on 8 Mile, about 2 or 3 blocks east of Schoenherr (spelling?)  Deadfrets are gonna be there along with allot of our other friends to make it a rock and roll bust-ya-brains on the floor type night!  We's gonna have allot of stand in players doin' different Ballistics songs and maybe we might do a few different DF tunes.  This is our show, so times are not accurate.  We play when we feel like it.  So music is gonna start sometime after 10:00 maybe.  (Well I mean it will start after 10:00 fer sure but how close ta 10:00 I don't know)  NO COVER!!!! and 18 and older are invited.  It'll be a fun night!  Hope ta see a bunch of crusty, toothless people down there cause they just seem to be more fun than the rest!  See ya!!


June 23rd, 2003

After seeing da Lawbreakers do their set at Harpos before the Rollins Band, and the 1000 or so people that were there, I just knew that our show at Brandy's just wouldn't do it fer me.  I might be the only one that felt that way but I'm ("Q") the one writing this, so your jus' gonna have ta listen to me whine.  The Lawbreakers absolutely rocked the house!  I seldom get into the pit but Nick is so easy to toss around.  Everything wuz kewl 'till I got blind sided.  When you hear your neck crack it's time ta sit down fer a bit.  I think overall the hole show went over quite well.  The things that I say to their faces will never make it to this site.  But if you ever want to see a completely mad show that will stick with you for whatever reason you gotta' check out the Lawbreakers.  To bad they ain't got no web site dat we can link to.

  We'll after Friday's show and the ensuing cranial pain associated with crappy Harpos draft  bier, the stench of vomit and piss soaked carpet, and the elbow of an over zealous Lawbreakers fan embedded in my skull, Saturday wuz gonna be hard ta do.  Our ever lasting friends from Manics Rage did any early set so they could do a house party for some friends, but wound up staying thru Motorwhore's set and half of ours.  I heard they got a little too ripped but I suppose they still made it to their party and were able to play without to many vomit runs.  Motorwhore went on second and as always put out a real solid set.  They got thur it with a little help from da "Q", (mois) cause Steve busted a string and that night they were traveling lite, (no spare gitfiddle) so I lone't him my Paul.  Hey any time pal.  I've never been dat guy on stage and I never want to be.  If I can help, I will.  I know it's gotta suck so any time....

  We'll all this then we took da stage.  No phenomenal show.  No bone jarring events to burn into our memories, just a good solid set.  Not our worst and not our best.  The P.A. wuz gettin' a bit hot and all we had wuz "D"s Warren 60 1/4 watt garage special so the vocals were all that we could mic and around 1:00 a.m. it wuz poppin pretty good.  We made it thru o.k.  We're kinda' lookin' forward to our next show..... The Hayloft on the 1st of August.  They got a kickin' P.A. there.  It'll be on a Friday, but that's more than a month away.  I'll surely be e-mailing everybody and writing more about dat show when it gets closer.  Until then.....


8th of June 2003

Marshall Punk fest is history!!!  It wuz a kewl little gig ta do.  There wuz room fer a couple thousand but I think 1999 of them forgot ta show up.  The whole event wuz organized by a 14 Y.O. and we have ta applaud him fer tryin'.  There were allot of kewl bands there that we saw,   I'd like ta say that we made a few freinds but ya know how some people kin be ta yer face.  We'll see.  Amongst the monster kewl bands der were Grog, which we've know fer a while now and just have never been able ta get back with and do another show.  Then there is Torg which is right up our old ally.  They had the wrestling theme goin' on like we used to until the Lawbreakers got their own band goin' on and stopped breaking things at our shows.  And Love Muffin another kewl punk band with a hotty fer a bass player.  They all have some Detwatt gigs commin' up and weza gonna try an' go see dem.   Like I wuz sayin' "Deys some kewl dudes, and dudet".  Even though the show wuzn't a huge draw we might go back and do part 2 latter this summer jus' because it wuz fun, plus it has the potential ta be a real blowout.


  Next show is da Brandy's show I couldn't wait ta do.  It looks like da order of play will be Manics Rage, Motorwhore, then us.  Music might start between 9 and 10.  This ain't no free show, so bring money and if ya ain't 21 don't bother even gettin' out of the car, unless you're one of Stink's band sluts and is workin' fer da band carryin' heavy things.  Untill den........


2nd of June, 2003

I can't believe it but that little shit bar in Toledo, the Longhorn, really rocks!  They's got good sound, an almost built in crowd, and every Ohio band dat we's a jammed wit is kewl too.  Motorwhore opened da night and just absolutely rocked.  They wuz extra punchy and dey wuz soundin' real fat!  I'm startin' ta realy git inta what dey's doin'.   I'm lookin' forward ta dis next show dat wez a got wit dem at Brandy's.  We of course jus' absolutly sucked, I mean rocked.  That built in Longhorn crowd was startin ta build up and I'sa thinkin' dat dey wuz gittin' inta da Balistics ding.  We played a pretty long set.  About 45 minutes.  But I don't think we wore out our welcome.  We all felt like it wuz an extra solid set that we did.  I almost feel like we's a real band every once and a while.  It's real kewl feeling.  The last band wuz a total suprise.  I have no means ta explain what type of show it wuz.  Maybe one of the most entertaining bar acts that I've every seen.  We'd started ta heckle these guys just before they wuz startin' ta jam, durring their EXTENDED sound check.  I don't know what wuz up wit dat.  Maybe it wuz ta prep us fer da show?  When dey got'sa jammin'........  It weren't so much da music, but the in between song commentary and the song lyrics.  We wuz dyin'.  Poop Mobile?  It wuz great.  We tried talkin' to dese guys, which I think dey's name is Sock Monkey, and we'd like ta git dem a show up a Jimmy's or somtin' like dat.  We wuz at first disappointed dat Johnny Hooligan wudden't playin' last night.  But dese guys were a true discovery.  Like I said, The Longhorn is a rockin' little shit hole.  We hope ta make it back again soon.

  Our next show is gonna be a straight ahead Brandy's night.  3 bands, Motorwhore, us and Manics Rage.  OOPPPS  no it's not.  That's how much I'm looking forward ta this show. 

  Our next show is actually this benefit punk fest thing out in Marshall MI.  We're still not totally sure about the whole thing but we'sa gonna try it anyway.  Hopefully we'll git more confirmation on this one soon.  Check out this other page fer some of the details on this one.  It's gonna be a ways out there so we might not see ya'll out there.  It's time ta scare some corn feed mo'fo's. 

C ya!!!!!!!


May 5th,2003...  (MayDay)

Happy Friggin' B-day Dusty!!!  Jimmy's wuz a blast!!!  Motorwhore rocked and the whole night wuz jus' a Punk fest ta remember!!!  We'll be doin' some more show(s) der real soon.  Maybe even a Friday and Saturday night so we can save our penny's and do a CB's show dis September.  All in the works.  We wanna th(sp)ank the Lawbreakeres, html, Prop Down, the Ghouls and Kelly Broun from 89X radio fer stoppin' by!!!  And thank you everybody that I jus' didn't see there but snuck in and out when I wuzn't watchin'.  We did an extra long set.  Our original set list kinda went out the window.  We started gettin' into things and the requests jus' started rollin' in.  We had originally planned on doin' about 18 songs that would take us about 45 minutes to rip out but when all wuz said and done we played about 1 1/2 hours.  It wuz da set from hell.  Extended out by a few unscripted piss breaks fer Psycho, it still went allong at a pretty good pace.  I think everybody had a good time.

  Next show won't be until da end of May.  We'll be jammin' down at da Longhorn Saloon in Toledo with Motorwhore and Jhonny Hooligan.  JH is another rockin' band we love doin' shows wit that comes from da septic tank down south that some people call Ohio.  Hope ta see ya'll der....


April 13th, 2003

Its been a few days since our show der at the Hayloft Liquor Stand, but this is the first chance I've had to write up anything about it.  I know we had a good time.  I was kinda surprised that things turned out as good as they did.  Especially since it was a weekday.  It was so kewl that even Mike from the Lawbreakers showed up.  That's the first time I've ever seen him out besides when he's singing for the Lawbreakers.  Thanks fer stoppin by!!  All of the Lawbreakers were there and quite a few friends of html and Roam.  Everybody absolutely rocked and I can't wit till we can do a real weekend show there.  Hopefully they'll be into that.  I was kinda under the impression that somebody would be there from the bar to rate the bands and say weather or not they're good enough to do a weekend show.  But we never saw dat person.  The sound guy I guess is who is gonna do that.  But he was a bit of an older fella' and we're not totally sure dat he got into what we were doing.  About all he said 'bout us is "well you guys are entertaining".  That don't sound promising.  Hopefully we'll get the show anyway.

  Our next show is gonna be at Jimmy's in Detroit with Motorwhore.  Check out the shows page for address and such.  I think there's even a map there or something like that.  If anything changes we'll surely keep things updated here.  We'll be seein' ya!!!!


March 31st, 2003

This is gonna' be where I tell ya'll 'bout da Jeff Mossey Memorial show.  But instead of goin' on and on about how great it was or how grateful we are of all the support everybody has been showing the Dustman family I'm just gonna' tell you about the web site that we built for the show.  You can get there by following this link or any other link that has Jeff Mossey in it.

  Thank you again everybody!!  We'll see ya'll at next years show.


March 23rd, 2003

Our next show dats on da plate is gonna be the Jeffery Mossey Memorial Show at da New Way, in fashionable Ferndale, on da 29th of March.  I don't think that I need to mention dat dis is gonna be a big one.  9 bands right now, with always the possibility for more.  Dis is what we got right now and we don't see it changin' any:

HTML (with a name like HTML, you'd figure they'd have a web site)






the Ghouls

Bomb Pops 8:00
Prop Down 9:00
Ricky Ratt from the Trash Brats 10:00
the Ballistics 11:00
Manics Rage 12:00

Go to the Memorial page to see pictures, notes and a statement from da family about dis show.

Since we haven't been doin' shows as much as last year there ain't no reason to always keep this page updated.  So you might see dis new item up for most of the month of March.  There's da possiblity dat we'll add one show dis month but dat's only been talked about.  We'let'ch'ya'll know what's goin' on wit dat when da time comes.

  An I guess dat you probably saw dat we didn't add no show's dis month.  We'll we do got a new show in May and I think its on the 3rd.  It's a ways so it's still commin' together.  I'm sure you'll see more 'bout it before the time comes.


26th of February, 2003

This update is quit late.....  Sorry.  We did have the show that we were supposed to do down at the Longhorn Saloon in Toledo but last Saturday didn't offer us the best of travel conditions.  First Manics Rage canceled out because of the weather then after we got on the rowd we got a little south of Detroit and started having van trouble.  Instead of getting stranded on the rowd somewhere in the middle on that crap weather we had last Saturday, we decided to call it and head back to the basement and do some jammin, (out of da weather).  We were pretty disappointed but what kin ya do?  When we called the Longhorn ta let dem know dat we wuzn't gonna make it dey said dat da place wuz empty and even Johnny Hooligan had canceled.  We felt a bit better but we wuz really lookin forward ta dis show.  We got offered a makeup date but we havn't finalized dat yet.  We'll post it when we firm it up.


9th of February, 2003

Jimmy's rocks!!  This was our first time playin' der and it's everything that we hoped it would be.  We've been there before to check out a few other bands and figured it was goin' ta be a good night and we were right.  It got off to a bit of a shaky start 'cause Johnny Hooligan got lost on the way up.  We had to throw da Lawbreakers up early.  Thanks to them for filling in the space (Oh, and Happy Birthday Chris!) and and saving the night.  But it was worth the wait.  Jhonny Hooligan rocked da house.  Thanks fer stoppen' by!!  We had a pretty good show but because everything got a bit of a late start the bar had started to empty out around 1:00.  Still a good time and we plan playin' der again soon.  Also another good thing 'bout Jimmy's is that it's less than a 2 minute drive from Psycho's place were we practice at.  We can't git lost and it's not far enough to get busted fer D.U.I.  Very high marks in our book!

  We'd also like to send out a special tanks to Mike and da guys from Prop Down fer running sound out der and turning us on to this place!! "!!!!!"!

  Our next gig is at the Longhorn Saloon back down in Toledo with Johnny Hooligan, Manics Rage and maybe one or two other bands.  Time for the full assault on Toledo!!!  See Ya'll der!!!


January 18th, 2003

  There are just too many people that I want to thank for makin' last nights show at the New Way a great show.  We all had a blast and us, Manics Rage and the Smashbandits absolutely rocked the house!!  We always gotta' thank the Lawbreakers fer showin' up and lending their mayhem.  Ya'll rock!!!  I'm  really lookin' forward to getting back in there and playin' again.  The next time we'll be in there is fer somewhat of a somber occasion.  The next show were hoppen' fer there at the New Way is the Memorial Show For Jeff Mossey.  This is a big change from the place we were trying to do this show.  It looks like we'll be bringing in about 10 bands on the 29th of March.  This is still kinda' up in the air but it's a lot more solid of a show than what we had when we were trying to get it goin' at Brandy's.  I still ain't got nuttin' good to say 'bout dat place.  Especially after da crap that we went through trying to do this Memorial show. 

  Our next show is gonna be at Jimmy's on 8 mile (I hear M&M is gonna be there too) in Detroit on the 8th of Febuary.  If you believe the M&M thing you really gotta be there.  That way we can all get a good laugh at yer dumb ass!!  The Lawbreakers are gonna be there.  Playin' I hope.   We can bust up der show a bit fer a change.  This is gonna be Chris Lawbreakers birthday bash so bring lots of presents and ladies, cloths are optional.  Also dis is gonna be Johnny Hooligan's Detroit debut.  They're one of da bands dat we jammed wit down at the Longhorn in Toledo.  They offered us a show again down there so we're returnin' da favor.  That one will be latter in Febuary.  Nuff said fer today.  See ya'll at da show


January 8th, 2003

We have been confirming quit a few of our upcoming shows but the one I want to touch on the most right now is the Memorial Show for Jeff Mossey.  We'll be havin' it at Brandy's in Ste. Claire Shores at the corner of 9 Mile and Harper.  Follow the links that I'll be posting all over the site to get some of the details on the who's, when's and what-not's.


6th of January, 2003

Some real news will follow here real soon.  Hope ya'll had a great new year!!!  Christmas!!! and all dat crap!!!!  We got a few shows added here but not all the info is in on them both.  The show at the New Way is all set, so if you're gonna be there, just be there.  It's us, Manics Rage, and da Smashbandits.  3 superior bands, one low price and all in one night.  The next two shows after that are still being put together but the dates and places are firm.  So check back allot and look fer updates.  We'll try to get some new info real soon.  See ya!!! 


16th of December, 2002

Again this is a few days late.  Oh friggin' well.  Our Brandy's show went good.  A.J. from the Lawbreakers wuz da only drunk idiot I saw gettin' escorted to the door with their arm bent backward into the small of their back by a 250 lb. bald guy workin' security.  No staff shirts for the bouncers this time either.  But we played a pretty subdued show.  No eggin' on any violence or nuttin' like dat.  We're tryin' to git together a benefit show for Jeff there sometime in February with about 10 bands or so.  We want to try and stay of their good side.  Dusty wuz sayin' dat this show was one of our best in a long while.  It wuz early, so we hade'nt had time to drink allot, but our best?  It wuz a good show.  Quite a few people just to see us, but our best show in a while at Brandy's???  No I don't want that.  Not there.  Well the Lawbreakers sounded pretty good.  They only started over on one sone that I can recall.  And the sound guy has a band that got up and did a few songs.  I wuz talken' to them and I guess this wuz the first time that they had all been on a stage in a bar plyin.  Well dudes......  it sounded great.  Keep it up!  Amd of course Prop Down.  They absolutely rocked!  But they didn't have allot of people hang out to check out their show.  They had a few Lawbreakers and a Ballistic or two moshin' fer a bit so I guess that's kewl.  But bein' as good as I think these guys are they deserve a bigger audience.  Oh well...  that's what happen when you book a show wit da nastiest Punk band in Detroit.

  Our next show ain't fer a while.  It kinda' looks like were taken' a bit of a Christmas break.  It ain't intentional.  But we're gonna be slowin' down a bit in how maney gigs we's doin' a month.  Hopefully git in a few more practices and write some new material so we can release a new CD this next year or somtin like dat.  We'll until den.. Merry Friggin' Christmas and a Crappy New Year ta ya all!!! 



(late) December 9th, 2002

We had an extremely kewl show dis last Saturday.  We played down at dis place called da Longhorn Saloon, in Toledo.  We had no idea what to expect.  I personally always tink "Ohio??  What's worth doin' in Ohio??"  I believe dat every Mishigoonian has some sort of ill thoughts 'bout Ohio, but I think, especially after dis last show, dat maybe dose thoughts're somewhat unfounded.  This place was definitely not anywhere as provincial as I thought it would be.  It was quit the rockin' establishment.  We went on first and like always the place filled up 5 minutes after we got off the stage.  This seems to be the story of our band.  But the people dat were dere seemed to get into our style of white trash crusty punk.  Bein' da first band never is da sweet spot to play.  Da second band, dis extremely kewl "stoner pop metal."  band called PB Army, played to da full house dat we've always wanted.  I believe dat we'll never get da audience dat we want.  An when we do, dey'll probably think we suck.  Our friggen' luck!!!  But dese guys really rocked!!  10 seconds into their set I knew dese guys rocked.  I spoke wit da singer/drummer, Keith, after da show and he wuz sayin' dat dey have alot of problems gettin' bands from Detroit to come down and do any shows der in Toledo.  Dey probably own dat same attitude dat most Mishigoonians have 'bout Ohio.  We're gettin ahold of da Ghouls, Lawbreakers, Smashbandits, Manics Rage and any non-Bomb Pops type band (no use dumpin' all our crap in Toledo) to let dem know 'bout dis place.  An' if we can we'll try to git dese guys to come up and play a Detroit show.  We won't be able to git dem a real fancy show, but da bier wil flow.  An' we'll give dem a sandwich or sometin. 

  How rude!!!  Dere wuz dis udder band dat waz dere too dat really rocked!  I wuz in da back of da bar talkin' wit da singer from the PB Army and didn't give Johnny Hooligan da attention dat dey deserved.  Sorry dudes.

  Now....  Our next show is going to be our long awaited return to Brandy's.  Don't ask me why.  We're goin' ta be doin' dis show instead of a N.Y.E. show.  Again, don't ask me why.  I thought dat we would never be playin' der again after dat bar brawl dat dey say we started.  Whatever.  I guess we're bailin' dem out of a situation this Friday night, da 13th of December Da lineup is gonna' be us, da Lawbreakers, and Prop Down.  I ain't got no idea who's goin' on when and in what order.  So just show up around 9 p.m. and drink lots of bier.  Da music will start sooner or later.


November 29th, 2002

Sorry it's a bit late updating the page.  Our show at Jumbo's bar was last Friday and I'm now just getting around to writing about it.  My 'puter has been kinda' displaced fer da last week.  Not that anybody out there is hanging on the edge of there seat waiting to find out how KEWL the show was, which it was very KEWL.  We knew dat dere was gonna be another band there, I was tinken' it wuz gonna be da Smashbandits but this band called Prop Down wuz da opener.  At first I wuz a bit disaponted 'cause I really git into da Smashbandits but Prop Down absolutely rocked da house!!!  I hope dat we maight be doin' some more show's wit dem guys!!!  But because dere were 3 bands der we all had to cut out sets way show.  Da Ghouls went on after us and da bar only let dem play 5 songs.  Dat kinda' sucked!!  But dey wuz kinda ok wit dat.  What da F***.....da bier is free if you's in a band.  But we wuz all wantin' to hear a bit more of dem.  It wuz just too short of a set.  If we woulda' known dat wuz gonna happen we would have cut ours even shorter.  We all got really a late start 'cause da sound guy wuz way late.  So we had'ta figure out how ta use da P.A. and get it all hooked up.  But wit all da hardships and crap it wuz still a rocken' night.  A special "Thanks" goes out to all da Lawbreakers fer showin' up and keepin' da mosh pit going all night.  It's always good ta see you's guys!!!

  Our next show is going to be at da Longhorn Saloon in Toledo F'n Ohio.  Dis is gonna be a new place.  We've been bringen' a lot of bands shtuff down dere so dey can play der to.  Hopefully it'll be wort da trip.  We'll let'ch'ya'll know.  Tel den........


November 18th, 2002

The Elbow Room rocks.  No matter if we have a good night or a bad night there always seems to be a good amount of people there in the room.  I don't think we made it a bad show.  It was just kinda' lifeless.  The set just wasn't exciting enough.  And I guess it was some kinda' Emo crowd that was hanging out there.  Nobody was bad, just kinda' humm drumm.  The band just before us rocked out pretty good.  The were from Ohio.  I didn't think Ohio had and rocken' bands.  Oh well wrong again.

  Our next show is gonna' be at the Rockenest Sh** Hole in  Detoit.  JUMBO's!!  This is gonna' be with us, the Ghouls, and possibly the Smashbandits.  We can hope.  Show is gonna start at bout 10pm I'd imagine.  And for all the other details that you need to get down there check out our "Shows" page.


November 11th,2002

Well another great show at Scalici's.  I hate having that much fun!!!  Especially if nobody shows up to check out the show.  The Farley's are great and Manics Rage is always real fun to hang out with but it was just us.  Where were all the people.   >>>>STOP YER F****'N WHINING!!!!!!!<<<<

  F*** it!  Our next show is going to be at The Elbow Room  in Yipsi'fn'tuckey.  If ya'll don't know where dat is just go to the "SHOWS" link her on dis page and I got's all da directions 'n stuff der!!.  I don't know any of the other bands that are playing der dat night.  And I rightly don't give a crap.  Liquid Chicken was supposed to be playing also.  That was one of da reasons that I booked the show for the 16th of November. Dey had the night before we did.  I saw dem on dat night and figured we normally have a good time when we jamm wit the Chickens.  But for some reason the club booted them off the bill.  I know they didn't do that because they suck.  If that was the case nobody would ever play anywhere because everybody sucks! 

  So, just be there!!!

  O.K.  I was hoppin' that our next CD wasn't goin' to be a major production but it has been.  It's been worth the wait though.  I think we finally got all the recording done.  There was some cleanup and backing vocals that was holding us up.  Now its up to Psycho to finish all the mixing.  We've heard a few songs and it's really sounding good.  It's so good we might even go back and remix our first CD, 2001:  A Punk Odyssey.  Now we got to get some art for it.  That's going to be up to Jesse Lawbreaker.  He's quite the artist and he's got some renderings that he's going to be doing up for us.  We're going to be using them for the hole cover.  All that's still in the concept stage.  More news latter.


November 4th,2002

Well hey every body, we should be back this coming weekend, Saturday the 9th of November, to do a show with Manics Rage, the Farleys, Mother Scratcher and of course us, at Scalici's Lounge in Allen Park.  I don't know all the details on this show like who's going on when and in what order.  So just show up and check out everybody.  We'll see ya there!!!!

  We have another show coming up at a bar called Jumbos in Detroit with the Ghouls.  As soon as we find out everything that's goin' on wit dat show I'll update the "shows" page.


23rd of October, 2002

Just  quick entry here....  We had to cancel this Saturday's party at Dusty's place due to an extreme family emergency within the band.  We will let everybody know if and when we will be rescheduling it.  All other show are still on until further notice.  We do not anticipate that any other shows will have to be canceled because of this emergency.


13 October 2002

Another friggen' Old Miami night.  Good times...Good times!  The Ghouls, the Ballistics, the Lawbreakers, and the disappearing band, Failed Resistance from Chicago.  I guess Failed Resistance didn't like our Detroit style of crusty punk.  They hung around for about half our set and just left.  They must be good friends with that other out of town band that we brought in a few months back, Victory Fag.  I talked to them real quick and as far as I could tell they were real cool with the place and we felt like they had a good time on the stage.  They sounded real good.  Solid traditional punk.  Ain't a damm thing wrong with that.  Just the way they split.  F*** 'em.  We wuz hopen' the would want to trade shows wit us but they never stuck around long enough to try to work somethin' out.  The Ghouls rocked!!!  Every time I see them they just git better and better.  Very raw and full of attitude!  I love some of the song lyrics.  They even do one of our covers, "Runaway" by Del Shannon.  I like the way they do it.  Its not like our version but it still rocks.  If you've heard us do it hopefully you like the way we light it up.  And then the Lawbreakers.....  What can I say.  They live up to their name sake.  They f***ed everything up!  A vacuum cleaner (copy cats) a few of the Old Miami's pumpkins, a bunch of the lawn chairs from out back on the deck, mic's, mic stands.......  Total destruction.  Some time they're going to get bared from there.  Chris didn't even finish with his pants on.  I have no idea how that happen.  One minutes he had on his hospital scrubs and the next I saw him runnin' 'round with his boxers falling down 'round his knee's.  Classic.  This wuz one of those nights that makes us love the Old Miami more than any other place we've played!  Anything goes!!  We love you Old Miami!!

  Next show is going to be the annual Dusty fest out in his garage.  More detail to follow.

  Also for those of you that are still reading this....  Just the other day I had realized that I had our guestbook set up wrong and there were 20 or so posts waiting for my approval to go on-line.  I had thought that we were just as unpopular as we felt sometimes.  It had been almost 3 months since we had seen any new post's.  Well I released them all so if you posted something and were wonderin' what had happened...  well that wuz my dumb ass.  Somethin' that hit me wuz how those c*** s***ers from Clevage-land were raggin' all over us about how their show went.  After this last incident with Failed Resistance I'd be willing to bet we may never bring in another band from out of town.  Bunch of ungratefull SH***s!.  Failed Resistance still has time to redeem themselves.  But If I were them I'd be really pissed about the crap that I've wrote about them already.  Oh well.  F*** 'em all!!!


6th of October, 2002

Kewl show last night!!!  We had a blast and so did the Chicken and the Lawbreakers.  There were some other bands there last night at the "Red Shed" but I can't remember their names.  All wuz really mellow.  I've never seen so many hippies outside of a TV documentary.  And I guess they're all pissed off about this dope smoking thing.  So much so that they have this big "movement" that throws really kewl parties like we had last night.  I'm all about "the movement".  I'll tell ya all about it.  It starts about 7:00 am every morning after a cup of strong coffee, and sometimes a smoke.  But it lasts only about 5 to 10 minutes before the goal is met.  And man do I feel 10 pounds lighter.  That's probably why you always hear hippies say "Heavy Man".  They're waiting for their morning "movement" to happen.  But overall the place wuz full of a bunch of cool people and we rocked the house.  We might have been a bit much for most but there were the destructive few that really got into us.  Hopefully we can get invited back.  If any of the speakers from last night visit our site here, sorry for the condescending remarks.  We're just havin' a good time.  We make no stands and we don't preach.  If we did have anything important to say nobody would take us serious.   Hopefully you won't either.  Thanks to the Reverend Happy and Adrienne for havein' us out.  Peace and Carrots!

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