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September 27th, 2005

Another gig, another embarrassing moment for somebody.  Us?  We're ok.  I quit again.  The Old Miami still stinks.  But now you can walk around outside and it's not a complete shit hole.  The patio rocks dudes!  Or should I say "I got stoned on the stones!"?  I guess there were actually a few people that got into us.  Absence make the heart grow fonder.  I remember one of my ex-wives that I hated with a passion!  I still missed her to a certain extent.  I got over it.  But it's when people write things like this on their message boards I really start to worry:  "The Bal...I mean, the BuBu PuPu's were AWESOME!!! I did not know Q was a guitar"  Or this:  "Q!!! So good to see you!!! And...damn, was I impressed!!! You have no idea!!!"  Obviously somebody's taste in music is somewhat corrupt.  Or pictures like this start popping up: 

It's just that time to quit again.  We don't deserve the attention.

Bye!  Bye!  Ya'll!!!  Git over it!

No new gigs are on the calendar.  Good!

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Old News archive

September 6th, 2005

Damn!  Do I still have to keep this web site going?  I'm about getting sick of it!  I guess that's why I quit the band.  Everybody that reads this crap please raise your hand.  I thought so.  Well anyway.

We have a gig coming up on the 24th of September at the Old Miami.  "But you guys are barred from the Old Miami." you say.  Well yes we are.  That's why we have had to book into the Smash Bash under the assumed name of The BBPP's!  So remember that.  Whenever you see the name The BBPP's  that is really us, the B-a-l-l-i-s-t-i-c-s.  OK! 

Here is this years linup.


Saturday, September 24th

The Old Miami- 3930 Cass Ave. Detroit

1AM- The Impailer

12AM- Blammo!

11PM- Choking Susan


9PM- Sauce

8PM- The Bu Bu Pu Pu's

7PM- Manic's Rage

6PM- Taking On The World

5PM- The Downriver 5 (Nuke And The Living Dead minus Nuke)

4PM- 4th Army

I know we will see ya'll there.  If not watching us one of these other fargin crappy bands!


December 27th, 2004

I'd forgotten that I was supposed to update this dam thing after the show earlier this month.  Hopefully nobody was looking forward to new news the next day.  What?  Do you actually expect this page to be real time?  Is this CNN?  I don't think so!

But if you must know,.....

The  Benefit for the Salvation Army was a huge success!  We were able to collect $585.00.  From what we are told that will pay for 1000 meals over the holiday season.  We as always would have liked more money to be collected but the Ballistics are not a big draw.  If any of the other bands that did wind up playing normally would have drawn should have thought twice before doing a show with us.  Hint!  Hint!  We scare people away!  I can't wait until the next show.

Until then.....  WE QUIT! 


November 30th 2004

OK. We finally got the set times ironed out. Nuke and the Living Dead had to cancel for Saturday night. A special thanks goes out to N-2 SUBMISSION and the Impaler for stepping up to the plate and helping us out with this.

Friday, December 10th

7:30 Splash Kan
8:30 Mydols
9:30 Ghouls
10:30 Anton James
11:30 Dead End
12:30 Dorks

Benefit for the Salvation Army (Day 2)

Saturday, December 11th

7:30 New 4th Army
8:30 Flat Broke
9:30 Smashbandits
10:30 N-2 SUBMISSION Featuring The Impaler
11:30 Manics Rage
12:30 Ballistics



















Special thanks to the Mydols for the flyer design.


October 30th, 2004

Well it looks like we have the lineup set for the Salvation Army Benefit Show for the 10th and 11th of December.  Well as it seems the much familiar bell ringers that we have grown accustomed to around the holidays are banned from may national retail chains from ringing their bells and accepting donations.  We've done benefit shows in the past and have gotten contacts from the local Salvation Army and we proposed doing this show to help in some way to help offset the corporate denial to run one of Americas most familiar charities around the holidays.  (SOUNDS LIKE A REPUBLICAN THING)  There is plenty of on-line material to read on the subject.  Read all you want and choose to believe what is convenient for you but there is a new need within the community so in the process us of having fun playing out for no pay, we have decided to just give back a little.  And we decided to bring a few friends.

Here is the lineup as it stands today:

New Way Bar
23130 Woodward Ave.
Ferndale, MI

Benefit for the Salvation Army (Day 1)

Friday, December 10th

Splash Kan

Anton James




Dead End

Benefit for the Salvation Army (Day 2)


Manics Rage

Nuke and the Living Dead


Flat Broke

New 4th Army

The shows will start about 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm.  Final lineups time have been set but not confirmed yet by all of the bands.

More details to follow as we get them.


















Special thanks to the Mydols for the flyer design.


October 22nd. 2004

We'll if we were capable of doing it we did it.  Talk about an almost flawless performance.  It was done in true Ballistics slob style.  Thank you to all the bands that showed up at this years Dustyfest like, Manics Rage, Lawbreakers, BILL Flat Broke, and everybody that got up and partook in the open mic after all the bands played.  This may be the last one ever.  It turns out that Manics Rage had some internal problems and decided to try and hash them out in Dustys living room.  This wound up breaking a few items of Dustys, so in order to keep this from happening again Dusty has decided to not have any more Dustyfests.  Thank Manics Rage.  We were getting tired of all the parties and the good times.  I think they solved their internal problem but we should leave it up to them to find a new location to have DustFests.


The next show that we are thinking of doing is going to be in early December on the 11th and 12th.  This is going to be a benefit for the Salvation Army with upwards of 10 bands.  We'll post more details as they are found out.  'Till then, Peace!


September 19th, 2004

Ok, "Q" might still be a pussy but the band is back together and just got done with their first practice in over 4 month.  Things went pretty well.  We have one show scheduled for Dusty Fest on the 16th of October and other shows in the making.  Check back for a date and time near you.


18th of April, 2004

The band self destructed today.  It was all "Q"'s fault.  So blame him.  His pussy got wet and the little fag cried all the way to Dusty's place to pick up his shit.  Fuck e'm!  He don't deserve to be in a band.

Good riddance!

All shows are canceled!


10th of April, 2004

We love the Squishbandit, I mean Smashbandits.  Our brothers in crime they have become.  The hole show was great this last Friday.  I'm sorry I couldn't write about it earlier.  I just was to f'n lazy.  Nuke and the Living Dead rocked the house.  Hopefully they got into us enough to do a show again with them.  I heard one of them talk about a show down at the Labyrinth sometime.  We had a show there many many years ago that got canceled.  We just figured the place sucked so we decided to never try and go back.  Let's see what happens.  I should go and scribble on their guest book some if they have one.  I just read their front page on their web site and it sure sounds like they got into our shit.  We'll have to keep in touch.  It was a good night Friday.  The New Way had a pretty good crowd all night that started a while before we showed up.  That was quit a surprise.  Thanks to Mr. Dave for the sound.  That was the best that we've ever had there.  And thanks to Patti from Splash Kan for showing up and checking out the Ballistics and for letting me talk her ear off all night long after the show.  LZ rocks!!

F'k the Kwiki bar for actually canceling our next show.  They didn't actually want us to do the show.  They wanted Splash Kan.  When SK had to cancel, the Kwiki canceled us.  Bye bye Kwiki!  Never again.

Our next show is going to be a long time off.  And again it's with our pals from the Smashbandits.  It'll be a repeat performance at Hotrocks on the 23rd of May.  This one is a long time out.  We're giving ourselves a bit of a Springtime break.  But we'll see ya at the show.

Peace everybody!


1st of April, 2004

Well there's no use writing twice about the same thing so I'm just going to tell ya'll that the Jeff Mossey Memorial show was a huge success and we thank you all for the great support that we've gotten.

Click on this link to see the Jeff Mossey Memorial web site with all of last Saturdays updates.

Be sure to choose which year you want to check out.  Next year we're planning on just throwing a good old fashion house party.  That's the way Jeff would have wanted it.


Our next show is going to be at the New Way with the Smashbandits and Nuke and the Living Dead on the 9th of April.  Sure ta be a wild one.  Please do stop by!  'Till then.....


March 16th, 2004

Click here for Jeff Mossey Memorial show details/web page.

Hot Rocks!  Boy I love packin' them in like that.  The Ghouls, Smashbandits, and the Ballistics are a match make in south Warren.  You gotta love it!.  After all the spilt blood and cheap punches to the face in the parking lot I think we got invited back.  It was a near perfect show for all three bands.  I scare me every once and a while.  Everybody scares me.  To be that f'd up and still be able to play?????  Kewl.

Well, on to other things!

Next show is the Jeff Mossey Memorial show.

Everything is set and we are gearing up for this show like no other.  All proceeds, remember, will be going to Harbor Light of Detroit.  The lineup and set times are below.  This show is going to be at Paychecks in Hamtramck so everybody make sure they thank Paycheck for letting us come down and doing an all day show at his place.

March 27th, 2004
Opening prayer service by Pastor Aaron Lawless @ 3 pm

Juex / Patti (from Splash Kan) performing some acoustic songs




Splash Kan


Manics Rage

Bomb Pops 8:00
Motorwhore 9:00
Ballistics 10:00
Smashbandits 11:00
Lawbreakers 12:00

Hopefully we'll see ya at the show.  Until then, Peace ya'll!


February 17th, 2004

Ok Paychecks was real kewl.  We pulled in a nice little crowd which was a bit of a surprise.  I guess it wasn't us that brought them in, it must of been all the other kewl bands that played before us like Splash Kan, Manics Rage the Lawbreakers and all their fans, were jus' to lazy ta leave.  We're talking about trying to bring Paychecks back into the relm of kewl places ta play in Detroit.  It'll be a bit of a project.  I guess there is allot of hatred for the place.  I don't know why.  We've never had any problems there.  We'll see.  I just hope that the Jeff Mossey Memorial Show does as well at this last weekends show was.  I've got to believe that it will do better.  The lineup is calling for music from 4:00 until 12:00.  We still need to decide on what the cover will be but we'll let ya'll know, hopefully before you show up at the door.

Next show is at Hot Rocks.  This'll be our first show there.  We talked them into letting us do an all ages matinee there on Sunday the 14th of March.  We've ordered up a bunch of new merch and such so we'll be ready for all those rich south Warren kids ta spend some money on our straight from the South Warren streets style Punk rock swag.

Peace all!


February 9th, 2004

Well the lineup is set for the 2004 Jeffery Mossey Memorial show for the 27th of March at Paychecks.  We still have 2 shows to do before that day but that is our special event of the year.  This year we're going to be donating all the proceeds to Harbor Light Center in Detroit.  Final expenses have be met from the money raised last year so this year everything will be going to charity.  If anybody has any special donations they want to make or if they have any contributions that they want to make to the show call the Dustman's at 586-427-5192 or e-mail us at theballistics13@hotmail.  Until then, Peace ya'll!


January 21,2004

  Ok, the 17th as remembered on the 21st.  Another sweet ass show with the Smashbandits.  They are beyond a doubt, the kewlest band that we have the privilege ta jam with.  We'll jam with them anywhere, anytime and in any condition.  Jimmy's is also turning our to be our favorite place ta jam, (besides the basement)  It's close ta da house, it pays, the sound is good the bier is cheap and everybody that wants ta see us knows that they can see us a Jimmy's.  So needless ta say the house was a hoppin' and a slammin'!  And nobody was by the back door waiting to get in or listening to us from the bathroom.  I chased all those fools to the front of the stage.  (this is an inside joke, so if it don't make sense to ya, don't worry)  Jimmy's is definitely going to be one of our (more) regular stomping grounds.  I've been to some of those other hipster clubs that everybody is dieing to play at with all those kewl bands and over and over I've been so disappointed with how the bands get treated, how much if any pay, and the sound.  Sound is the biggest.  We'll play for free and if we sound good, that makes us feel good.  Who needs money if you sound good.  Jimmy's treats everybody with respect and they don't fit into that club stereotype that the club is out ta screw the bands and make money off of our talent (or lack of).

  Ok, on with things.  Our next show is going to be at Paycheck's Lounge with a whole bunch of kewl bands.  Splash Kan, Manics Rage and the Lawbreakers.  If anything new comes up between now and then we'll surely let you know.

  Also keep an eye our for the Jeff Mossey Memorial show comming up in March after the newly added all ages show at Hot Rock.  both of those shows are still in the early stages so we'll post more info as we get it.

Peace all!


5th of January, 2004

Ok we got a new year and new sh*t ta talk about.  I feel obliged ta write something since I posted some new shows today.  So check them out on our "Detail" page.  Also if you get a chance check out some of our "MP3's".  Somma ya'll probably heard some of them but fer the rest of ya...

We'll we hope ya'll had a good new year.  Open jam at "D"'s place for us.  Not everybody made it but word was there was evil tunes propagating 'round south Warren last Thursday morning.   We hope ta see a few of ya out this next year.  Till then, Peace!


Naw not yet.