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Ballistics tunes

 From various CD's and unreleased stuff.

Check back frequently for changes and additions.  We don't have enough space on the server for everything that we want so we'll try to rotate things thru every week or so.  E-mail us if you have any special request that you'd like us to post.  Take your pick from the crap down below.

Basement Band
American Way
Butt Plugg
Never Get Up
No Show
Moped Man
New One
About Me
About You
Sexx Bomb
Things I Like To Do
Black Molly
Get Away
The - EX
Saturday Night
New S.U.V.
How Many Preachers
Bier Drinkers
Who here likes Bier?
No Vacancy
Fuck 'em

  Video High speed streaming Low speed trickle Download  
  Unfair (Studio) 4.051 MB / 340 KBS 487 K / 45 KBS Really?  
  D.U.I.  (Old Miami) 7.88 MB / 340 KBS 965 K / 45 KBS Really?  

  Tune High speed streaming Low speed trickle Download 128kbs  
  Lies 4.221 MB 1.847 MB Ok  
  Who Here Likes Bier 3.586 MB 1.569 MB Here by popluar  
  United 2.002 MB .889 MB demand,  
  Unfair 1.402 MB .614 MB or  
  the Ex 1.161 MB .521 MB just lazy  
  Things I Like to do 1.172 MB .513 MB people that  
  Fuck 'em! 1.744 BM .777MB don't want  
  American Way 2.417 MB 1.071 MB to stream everything.  
  Stream 'em all!! A whole bunch of stuff @ 128 kbs A bunch too but smaller @ 56 kbs    

More to foller fer sure when I git 'round to it.  We got a new cd in the works.  Untitiled and unstarted, but we sure is thinkin' 'bout it allot right now and gettin' the kinks out of the mic cords so the sound move better to the cassette recorder.  We'll be puttin' new stuff up hear hopefully real soon as soon as we get them finished.

If you want more stuff click here.  For hardcore Ballistics fans only.

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