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From Michigan Bands dot com on the 19th of February, 2004

Here is my review of some mp3's from the Ballistics13 website:

This band professes to be punk on their website. The look and feel of that site gives every indication that they aren't foolin' around. From the pumping fists and graffiti style graphics to "three stooges" voices overs of "imbecile!" This has all the attitude of the kid in high school with the mohawk, safety pin earrings, combat boots and sneer of "what the f*** you lookin' at!"

I listened to the tunes "Lies" and "Who Here likes Beer". This is authentic sounding Brit Punk drawing from the Pistols and Rancid. The vocals are throaty and full of attitude. The music is appropriately loose, I mean what punk band would bother to get tight and still be punk? Green Day you say?  Well yeah, but all real punks know they are poseurs. And that's what these guys are authentic...

Sound quality on these tunes are less than stellar, but again who could bother? These songs are a little slow for punk and definitely too long. When I listen to "who here likes beer" I feel transported to a sweaty beer hall somewhere in Hamtramck. Wish they would have did a break down with just drums and vocals somewhere in this tune. It could have been so Andrew W.K. without all that shiny studio polish.

"Lies" also drags but again has all the elements of punk that your supposed to like punk for. The guitar solo is secretly competent on this number.  Someone may have taken lessons on the sly...

Not a huge fan of punk, I went through my Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols phase when I was 14. But then again I grew up in the suburbs where punk was a fashion statement, not a way of life...


The following CD review is used without permission.  It was originally printed in the Jam Rag, January 2004.

The Ballistics 13Scary Dudes

  The Ballistics 13 are real old-school, Radical Records-styled punks in every sense of the slam.  The lyrics are honest, with the feel of The Exploited and GBH gurgling  through out the CD.  On the next production, though, record a live set:  The studio just seems to confine theses animals too much.  Must catch the moment when the cops are called on the band and the plug is pulled.

  These dudes really do scare me.

        Crazy Mark

Actually we had somebody write this about us once on Michigan Bands dot Com.  Thanks dude!

The Ballistics 13 @ Brandy's
Posted on Tuesday, June 24, 2003 @ 22:09:13 EDT by webmaster

Show Reviews wiki writes: Saturday June 21st I went down state to my old stompin' grounds in St. Clair Shores, MI to see a couple of bands at Brandy's on 9 mile and Harper. I was late getting to the show of course because I was playing in my band "Bruno's Brawlers" for a block party with fire works at Roseville High school, and I got stuck in traffic till around 11:18 PM. So I completely missed the first band "Manics Rage". I ended up catching "Motorwhore" up on stage playing their last 4 songs when I walked in the bar and they were tearin' shit up as usual in the way that only Stevie T Ford can do!  I would of normally been pretty bummed out if I missed half of Motorwhore's show because they are such a cool band to watch, but fortunately earlier in the day I stopped over Stevie T Ford's house and caught the whole band there practicing for the show.

Then the 3rd band of the evening " The Ballistics 13" took the stage and I liked them from the get go! This band was fun as hell to watch and they sounded just as good. it was pretty cool seeing some Mohawks flying in the air (a rare site to see in northern Michigan where I'm from) and hearing the unmistakable sound of good original hardcore Punk played right for a change! Maybe I had to many beers by now, but I could swear I heard some talent in this band. I couldn't help notice the 2 guitar players were pretty good and played well together. The lead guitar player "Q", which I got a chance to talk to later after the show, was playing some good old school Metal style leads and I thought it added a unique quality to their sound. the bass player never stopped playing, running around, and talking to the crowd. The drummer was doing some pretty cool shit on the drums also.

If you get a chance, go and check these bands out!!!. If you like punk rock you will dig The ballistics 13. If you like glam punk/shock rock with a touch of Seduce style sleaze Metal you will like Motorwhore. Well it's back to the land of mullets and classic Rock for me for awhile until my next trip down state to Detroit on July 13th for a show I will be playing with my Irish band "Bruno's Brawlers" at the Gaelic League In Down town Detroit. Thanks for reading !!!

Jeff Lynn

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