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the whole collection

These are my guitars and I can

put them here because its my page!

Mohogany Strat styleDragon with Celtic KnotsDragon heads with Celtic Knot bodiescarved Celtic Knot work

This is my latest project.  She has a solid mahogany body with a

fat strat configuration, a flame maple neck and a Brazilian Rose

Wood fret board.

intertwined snakes with Sumerian symbolsblond strat with single coilswood burnt with flower design

This  one is a reworked Peavey that I bought from my brother.

I added about 4 lbs. of weight by filling it with lead shot and wax.

Heavy guitars equal a meaty guitar.  She's got 3 single coil Stevie

Ray Vaughn Texas Fender Strat Pickups.  The neck is a Birdseye Maple.

Broadcaster layout with inlayblond Tele with maple neckdrunk butter-fly carving2 people screwing inlay

This Tele is also a reworked guitar that I picked up in a pawn shop

in Ponticrack MI.  I don't remember the brand name.  She also has

the Texas Fender Tele pickups with a Birdseye Maple neck.

All the art work was done with a dremel on my living room floor.

I used all natural oil paints for coloring and the finishes are all

hand applied French polish (shellac and linseed oil).


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